Directed Readings in Arithmetic Geometry ONline/DRAGON (2nd Edition, Summer 2020)

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Time: Monday and Thursday 16:00--17:00
Location: Zoom

This is a learning seminar on the filtered circle and a universal HKR theorem.

Please email Bhargav or Shizhang if you would like to join the mailing list for this seminar.


Tentative Plan

We shall go linearly in the paper through §5.



  Date  Speaker  Topic  References  Notes 
Lecture 1  July 9th  Bhargav  introduction  [§1]  Notes 
Lecture 2  July 13th  Emanuel  filtered objects  [§2.1-2.2]   
Lecture 3  July 16th  Emanuel  ker/fix of Frob  [§2.3]   
Lecture 4  July 20th  Shizhang  affinization review  [§3.1-3.2]   
Lecture 5  July 23rd  Shizhang  calculate B(Fix) cohomology  [§3.3]   
Lecture 6  July 27th  Shubhodip  calculate B(Ker) cohomology + sheaves on circle  [§3.4-3.5]   
Lecture 7  July 30th  Arpon  cohomology of filtered circle  [§4.1]   
Lecture 8    Arpon  representations of filtered circle  [§4.2]   
Lecture 9      HKR  [§5.1-5.2]   
Lecture 10      HC  [§5.3-5.4]   
Lecture 11    Arpon  Arpon's recent work  [preprint  
Lecture 12           

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