MCM-YMSC p-adic Geometry Learning Seminar (Spring 2023)

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Organizers: Koji and Shizhang
Time: Monday 14:00--15:30
Location: MCM 110

This is a learning seminar on prismatic F-gauges.

Please email Shizhang if you would like to join the mailing list for this seminar.


Tentative Plan

The main goal of this semester is to understand the ideas of geometrization in p-adic geometry and discuss prismatic F-gauges by following Bhatt's lecture notes. More details can be found here (we actually did not follow this program strictly).


Here are some (handwritten) notes:

Schedule (roughly)

  Date  Speaker  Topic  References 
Lecture 1  February 20th  Koji  Filtrations and endomorphisms  [Bhatt, §1.3-1.4, 2.1-2.2] 
Lecture 2  February 27th  Yupeng  The de Rham cohomology in characteristic 0  [Bhatt, §2.3-2.4] and [Drinfeld, §1.3] 
Lecture 3  March 6th  Shizhang  The de Rham cohomology of p-adic formal schemes  [Bhatt, §2.5-2.6] 
Lecture 4  March 13th  Shizhang  The conjugate filtration  [Bhatt, §2.7-2.8] 
Lecture 5  March 20th  Shanwen  Prismatization over k  [Bhatt, §3.1-3.3] 
Lecture 6  March 27th  Daxin  Gauges over k  [Bhatt, §3.4-3.5] 
Lecture 7  April 3rd  Yichao  Syntomification in characteristic p  [Bhatt, §4.1-4.3] 
Lecture 8  April 10th  Yong Suk  Syntomic cohomology in characteristic p  [Bhatt, §4.4-4.5] 
Lecture 9  April 17th  Jiedong  Prismatization  [Bhatt, §5.1-5.2] 
Lecture 10  April 24th  Jiahao  Filtered prismatization  [Bhatt, §5.3-5.5] 
Lecture 11  May 8th  Heng  Syntomification  [Bhatt, §6.1-6.3] 
Lecture 12  May 22nd  Koji     
Lecture 13  May 29th  Shanwen     

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