Continuing Seminar on BMS2 and surrounding topics (Summer 2020)


Time: Friday 14:30--16:00
Location: Zoom

This is a continuation of our previous seminar on integral p-adic Hodge theory.

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This seminar is succeeded by a seminar on a universal HKR theorem.


Tentative Plan

We'll first learn the cyclotomic structure of THH from various sections of [NS18]. Then we shall finish learning the chapters 6 and 7 of [BMS19] (leaving K-theory untouched).
After that, assuming there are remaining momentum, we can start learning a relevant topic, for instance, chapters 8-11 of [BMS19] (think of as 4 topics, inter-related of course), relation to prismatic cohomology, or [AMMN20, Sections 5-6] (please feel free to email me suggesting topics).


  Date  Speaker  Topic  References 
Lecture 1  April 24th  Shizhang Li  Frobenius on THH and Organization  [NS18, §I.4, III.1] 
Lecture 2  May 1st  Shizhang Li  More on THH, characteristic p  [NS18, §IV.4] 
Lecture 3  May 8th  Andy Jiang  Even more on THH, p-adic  [BMS19, §6] 
Lecture 4  May 15th  Haoyang Guo  p-adic Nygaard complexes, I  [BMS19, §7.1-7.2] 
Lecture 5  May 22nd  Haoyang Guo  p-adic Nygaard complexes, II  [BMS19, §7.2-7.3] 
Lecture 6  May 29th  Shubhodip Mondal  Tate diagonal  [NS18, §III] 
Lecture 7  June 5th  Andy Jiang  Relative THH and Breuil--Kisin modules  [BMS19, §11] 
Lecture 8  June 12th  Shizhang Li  Introduction to prismatic cohomology  [BS19, §1] 
Lecture 9  June 19th  Emanuel Reinecke  Comparing with prismatic cohomology  [BS19, §13] 

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