Shizhang Li

“… but the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”—Troly-Curtin


1. Johan's Problem Seminar

2. English translation of Bartenwerfer's paper:
Die erste “metrische” Kohomologiegruppe glatter affinoider Räume

3. Lemmata in adic-rigid geometry.
This is an evolving set of learning notes on adic-rigid geometry.
(Doesn't seem evolving no more recently though.)

4. Why are they NOT simply connected?
This is the expository notes for a non-trivial étale covering space of rigid projective line.

5. Very brief lectures
This is the lecture notes for lectures I gave at HKUST, invited by Huai-Liang Chang. It probably contains some minor mistakes, use at your own risk.

6. Example of unramified liftings of representations
This contains an example of a pair of unramified liftings of a representation (of a finite group) in positive characteristic, so that their geometric generic fibres are different (as representations of the finite group).