Shizhang Li

“… but the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”—Troly-Curtin


1. Johan's Problem Seminar

2. English translation of Bartenwerfer's paper:
Die erste “metrische” Kohomologiegruppe glatter affinoider Räume

3. Lemmata in adic-rigid geometry.
This is a dead set of primitive learning notes on adic-rigid geometry.

4. Why are they NOT simply connected?
Expository notes for a non-trivial étale covering space of rigid projective line.

5. Very brief lectures
Lecture notes for lectures I gave at HKUST, invited by Huai-Liang Chang. It probably contains some minor mistakes, use at your own risk.

6. Example of unramified liftings of representations
This contains an example of a pair of unramified liftings of a representation (of a finite group) in positive characteristic, so that their geometric generic fibres are different (as representations of the finite group).

7. Weil Restriction for Schemes and Beyond (with Lena Ji, Patrick McFaddin, Drew Moore, and Matt Stevenson with guidance from Brian Conrad), London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, 2022.